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The company strategy is to partner with international education providers to tap into the
Zimbabwean market for the recruitment of international students. Using Eskard Consulting unique
local knowledge and experience, international education providers are able to increase their annual intake of international students by access potential students for undergraduate and graduate studies riding on Eskard Consulting local network and programmes in Zimbabwe.

Through our partnership approach, we work with you as advisers and partners, tapping into global knowledge, developing strategies to apply appropriate knowledge to address your specific needs; and transferring skills and learning as we go. We will agree a range of success criteria in advance to measure the impact of our work on organizational results. We define success from the perspective of our clients based on value terms.


Who can Apply :

  • Clients from all walks of life

  • Secondary students

  • ​Post Secondary graduates

  • Students with transferable credits

  • Diploma graduates

  • University and College graduates 

  •  Educators

We Offer Our Services

  • Management and Business Consultancy

  • Training and Capacity Building

  • Business Advisory Services

  • Business Incubation Services; Research and Development

  •  Educational Consultancy Services


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